Not a Salesman – An Agent

When I went through the home purchasing process, I was lucky enough to have a great agent.  I learned a lot about the process and became very well informed about the market.  Some months afterwards, my parents began a search for a home and I was their most trusted advisor.  They weren’t entirely sure about what they wanted, but since I knew them, I was able to make suggestions about where they should look.  Throughout the process they asked questions and trusted me to handle issues on their behalf and by the end they were very happy with their home.  I felt a great sense of satisfaction to have been able to help my parents out.  On the day of closing, the listing agent told me that I should consider a career in real estate sales.

It sounded so strange to me: sales.  I understood what she meant, and the idea sounded exciting.  Obviously I ended up jumping in, but the word sales didn’t sound right to me.  I didn’t consider that I had sold anything.  I had facilitated, advised, negotiated on behalf of my parents, but I hadn’t convinced anyone to do anything.

I still feel the same way.  For me, this isn’t sales.  It’s about trust.  It’s about helping my clients get what they want, be it buying a house or finding the right buyer for a seller client.

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