How I Help you Sell

In a recent post, I discussed how I can help you to buy a home.    Now we’ll discuss what I do to help sellers reach their goals.  I’m here to make it easy!

Know the Client:
The first step is defining those goals clearly.  An important distinction in the service I provide is that although I know we’re selling a home, I put clients first.  Rather than coming inside and focusing on the home (taking measurements, imagining staging layouts, etc), I start with the people.  I make a real conscious effort to LISTEN rather than just assuming I know your priorities.  At a basic level, most sellers want as much money as possible, as fast as possible.  But those interests compete at times, and for certain sellers time may be more valuable than money.  Your personal situation is key to providing good service, so we start there.  It may take some time, and some iterations, but my goal is to really make sure you get what you want.

Know the Property:
Next we’ll dive into the home.  I take measurements, list attributes, note selling points, anticipate buyer questions and concerns, and learn every detail I can about your home.  This includes knowing the neighborhood, nearby parks, transit, schools, etc.  I will note every detail that either adds to or hurts the value of your home.  I make a prioritized list of recommendations for repairs including cleaning, a minor fix, or even a larger renovation.  When it’s financially worth it and there’s a return to be had, I advise investing in the home.  My belief is that your home has intrinsic value and it’s your agent’s job to present that value to potential buyers (as many as possible) in such a way that maximizes the sales price.

Know the Market:
Your home doesn’t operate in a vacuum.   There are forces of supply and demand acting on the sales price.  I’ll refer you to my other post on what a home is worth for a more in-depth discussion on how your home’s price fits into the market.  For now, let’s just say that the recent sales of similar homes are the best predictor we have of what your home’s sales price will be.  My big deliverable at this stage is to give you a recommendation of a range of prices that would be reasonable for your home.  You take that and make an informed decision about what you’ll ask for your home.  It’s your home and your decision.

I’m a believer in specialization.  I’m not the best photographer or interior decorator, so I bring those experts to serve you.  I am connected with professional stager, I hire a top-notch professional photographer, build a customized website, create an online/print campaign for your home, and I share your home with the largest community of potential buyers possible through the MRIS system (which feeds other sites like Zillow, Trulia,  Once all this is up and running, my job becomes to manage the campaign by gathering feedback, measuring interest, keeping you (my client) informed, and adjusting as needed.

The Deal:
Once a potential buyer presents an offer, my role becomes that of a negotiator.  I present your offers and help you to make the best decision to meet your goals (established at the beginning, though it’s ok to change as we go).  The analogy that I like to use for these negotiations is that it’s like a game of chicken.  Who will yield first?

Negotiation: Will you chicken out first?

Once an agreement has been made, I then coordinate the inspections and all of the contract deadlines and deliverables to ensure that the closing isn’t delayed because of US and that your interests are being protected.  So, rest easy because I’m watching out for you!